Mexico is run by two political party representatives, The Semi-Capitalist Facist Party president is William Johnson, the Liberal Party is anonymously named.

The Mexican-American two political parties have two different sets of allies.

Facist- Soviet Union.

Liberal- The Amerikan People's Republik.

The Facist party is a more conservative, militaristic party compared to the Liberal party.  Mexico military expansion is a result largely because of the work of the Facist party,


2017: West America gave Mexico to the Liberal Party president.

2018: Construction of Mexico City begins.

2020: Due to absence of the Liberal leader, Facists have gained control of Mexico.

2029: Mexico becomes host of The United Nations

2036: East America is given to the Facist president of Mexico.

2037: Mexico assumes the name of the Eastern Central American Alliance (ECAA). Mexico adds blue square to red stripe on its flag to represent the condensing of the two countries.

2039: Mexico's population grows larger and expands into Western American colonies

2040: A USSR prisoner was absolved by ECAA leader and released from prison. A power strife between a newly formed guerilla revolutionary group, "HAM," and the Mexican government resulted in the destruction of Mexico City.

2041: A UN warfighter group passes a resolution to hunt down the terrorist that commited these war crimes.

- Terrorist is caught in Moscow, and is badly injured.

- Terrorist is put on trial, is found guilty, and is excecuted.

2052: Massive governmental railroad construction begins.

2054: Rail system to western Amerika completed.

2067: West Amerika abdicates their country, and donates it to Mexico giving it all of the US, Canada.

2070: America invades South America, wins, and becomes the USAC.

2075: Construction ends on trans-oceanic railway.

2076: USAC gains more citizens, builds a larger prison facility also used by the U.N. and other countries.



  1. People who live under the government of the ECAA, will be protected by the ECAA and its allies.
  2. ECAA citizens have the right to OWN guns but may not take them into certain places.
  3. Citizens may own houses, if purchased correctly.  Zoning laws and the Housing Directors approval apply.
  4. Citizens who own houses must live in their designated class areas.
  5. ECAA citizens must believe in, and pray to, the god Seven.