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An old Picture of Chinoco from the view point of its' former leader.

Chinoco was a country that formed from the succeeding of Tasmania and Australia from the Soviet Union. The country consisted mostly of Tasmania, under the name Hobart. Chinoco was a small country, it usually stayed out of foreign buisness unless the U.S.S.R. got them involved. Chinoco was made up of the decendents of those who died in China during world war 3, they were known to many as "Blood thirsty Chini**ers."

Chinoco first started with payment to the Soviets for the land, then eventually, they tried starting up with space research, though the Soviets already had a 1,000,000,000 tax on space ships. Chinoco Rebel Villagers attacked the capital in an attempt to start a war campaign on Russia, eventually, Chinoco used nuclear weapons and bombed all of its' cities twice.

Chinoco eventually was attacked by the Coalition of Hatred, and had to send it's former leader to the Soviet Union to take refuge, eventually he threatend rebellion and was exiled to Mexican America.

While in Mexican America, Chinoco's leader rebelled and blew up the Mexican capital. Chinoco was freed, with in three days, Chinoco had been taken out by the United Nations super army.

Chinoco no longer exists and it is banned to teach about Chinoco in almost every country.